Welcome To FOCUS – It’s Time For A Change In 2017!

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I will be venturing into a new project I’m starting up for 2017 called “FOCUS”. FOCUS is a new documentary-style, human interest storytelling series that dives deeper into the lifestyles of some of the most motivating and captivating people in motorcycling. These people range from individuals who are the fastest riders in the world, top up and coming amateurs, wildest and craziest personalities, inspired entry-level athletes, and some of the industry’s most notable faces and names. I’ve met many, many people across all sports over the past 12 years. Everyone has a story and I want to deliver those stories to you in my award-winning quality that has been seen on MXPTV for years. But there’s a catch.

FOCUS will be a subscription-based video-on-demand (VOD) platform offering low monthly or yearly rates to watch all episodes (ad-free) including behind the scenes features and extra video and photo content you can only see as a subscriber. I also plan to do monthly giveaways for my subscribers that include products, free subscriptions, t-shirts, and more down the road. It will be a new and valuable way to experience my content but also enjoy the stories being told in the FOCUS episodes. Keep in mind, your subscription will help assist the production costs of future episodes and with that, you can interact with me on who you would like to see be featured in a future FOCUS episode.

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