Ryan Patterson Motocross Foundation MX School – Blue Diamond (MXPTV)

MXPTV dodged the heavy winds and cold temperatures on a early November Friday afternoon to catch the 2nd annual Ryan Patterson Motocross Foundation MX School at Blue Diamond MX Park in New Castle, Delaware. The school isn’t your average motocross school. Top instructors from the Mid-Atlantic area offered their time and teachings to a group of 80 young riders, who were invited to this free day of motocross instruction. Riders sent in well done essays to be given a chance to learn from a whole host of motocross instructors. Watch the highlights of the day as the young riders take advantage of a unique opportunity provided by the RPM Foundation.

About Ryan Patterson

Ryan was 3 years old when he got his first bike and started riding. After that, the racing began for him. He was a great kid growing up and lived to ride and race. He was always at the pits and tracks riding and giving out advise and tips to the younger riders. Ryan was well known at all the District 6 race tracks in the tri- state area.

On November 3, 2011 Ryan and his mother were murdered in their home in Hammonton NJ. With this tragedy and Ryan’s passion for motocross, we could keep his spirit alive on the race track and give back to the kids of motocross. We decided to start the Ryan Patterson Motocross Foundation — RPM. The Goal of RPM is to inspire, teach and guide the” up and coming” young motocross kids reach their goals and dreams, as well as trying to get new kids involved in our sport.

Motocross School

RPM will be hosting a motocross school. Alan from Blue Diamond MX Park in Delaware is donating the use of his track for RPM to hold motocross classes for the young riders. Local pro- riders, motocross schools & training facilities are involved with RPM to be instructors. They are all willing to donate their time in helping us with this great cause and mentor younger kids. This keeps our sport alive for the future motocrossers. Some youth riders do not have the opportunity to attend a school to learn and receive help and tips from their peers. Schooling is important and anything the riders can learn from the pros will let them excel in their own class of racing.

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