10 Minutes Of 2 Strokes 5.0 (MXPTV)

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MXPTV is back with the 5th installment of 10 Minutes Of 2 Strokes brought to you by Boyesen’s 2 Stroke Revolution. Watch this extensive raw video of the best sounding 2 stroke clips MXPTV captured during the 2014 season from the local level to the pro national stage.

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Featured Riders and Events:
Hannah Hodges – Pax Trax
Larry McVay – Garden State Freeride
Scott Meshey – Blue Diamond / Outdoor Fever Shoot
Jason Astudillo – Blue Diamond
Cameron McKinney – Club MX
Blue Diamond – Dirt Days
Baja Brawl / Baja Acres – Jayce Pennington / Jeremy Hand / Cameron Cannon / Richard Jackson / Joey Hale
Elizabeth City LLQ – Maccoy Shine / Jeremy Wendelken / Jamal Porter / Sean Demoreland
Diamondback MX – Matt Hammer
Lewis Mackay – Private Shoot
NCMP LL Qualifier – Maccoy Shine / Logan Stokes / Cameron Cannon
Pleasure Valley – LL Northeast Youth Regional
Boyesen 2 Stroke Shootout – Coty Schock / Ty Newcome / Dakota Kessler / Schae Thomas / Bobby Piazza / Mike McDade / Seth Rarick / Brennen Weindel
South Of The Border LLQ – Brandon Hartranft / Tyler Kirschner / Nick Tomasunas
Mini O’s – Jake Pinhancos / Andrew Maroney / Jayce Pennington
Tomahawk – Joey Deneen / Brandon Garlock / Kobe Heffner / Bennett Mantooth / Reggie Powell
Loretta Lynn’s – Luke Purther / Jon Ames / Justin Cooper / Jake Masterpool
James Stewart Ride Day – Brock Papi
Kaven Benoit – Walton National / MX2 Canadian Nationals Champion

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